Hakata-ori textile – Kimura Hakataori Teorisenmonkobo

In our digital age, Hakata Weave technique is mechanized gradually, but our studio has weaved by the Hakata traditional weave technique since the old days.

The unique method are using artificial pattern paper and changing three treadles. That is weaving wefts strongly accompanied with hands moving.

We are challenging new world while keeping the Hakata weave technique.

Hakata weave sashes and textiles are transformed into a variety of goods. Our wish is that not only for Kimono-lovers but people who are unfamiliar with Kimono cherish our products.


Services: Hakata-ori textile
Brand Name: Kimura Hakataori Teorisenmonkobo
Name: Sajio Kimura, Yukiko Kimura
TEL: 092-984-3004 (Mon to Fri 10:00 am to 4:00 on)
URL: http://teorisenmon.com/