About Us

They are members of the Hakata International Craft Association.

Hakata International Craft Association was established on 15th of June 2016. Through global culture and friendship interaction based on craft works and events, we are aiming at contribution to enhancing human interaction and economic activity and enabling smooth communication and cross-border interaction by providing information and assistance.

Our main actions as below.

1. Providing non-profit activities.
(1) Holding cultural and friendship interaction event with the twin town relationship with Fukuoka-city and other countries.
(2) Providing local information and trip information and responding the inquiries.
(3) Cultivating human resources.
(4) Cooperating with NPO and others and carrying out a program.
(5) Participating in volunteer activities.

2. Other actions
(1) Introducing culture business and recommending crafts and local products and sales promotion.
(2) Arranging sightseeing trip, study tour, etc.
(3) Supporting tourists.
(4) Arranging interpreters and translators.
(5) Trading operation.
(6) Undertaking an outsourcing business, etc.

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